There's No Such Thing as the Color Pink

Want to have your brain blown for a few minutes today? Dip your head in some physics, and realize that there's no such thing as pink. Scientifically speaking, that is: it's just something our brain makes up.

MinutePhysics puts it in predictably concise terms: all colors correspond to wavelengths of light. But there's no wavelength in there for pink! Instead, it's a combination of neural trickery—our brains strip green out of the spectrum to fill in for pink. Brains! [MinutePhysics]

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Dumb... Pink is merely a name for a resultant color. If you had to go on describing a color you wouldnt give a dissertation - you would use a one syllable word. It makes sense because it is effective communication.

Just like there is no such thing (in science) as "cold", you wouldnt go around saying "There is quite an absence of heat today" - well not unless you really really wanted to get punched in the face.

Anyway my point is that cold - and pink DO EXIST. They are merely easy descriptors to facilitate communication. Some people may be a little hazy on their true definitions, but trying to make a physical science argument against semantics is pretty silly.