Millions of these robotic bees may roam the world in the near future

This science-fiction infomercial was made to raise awareness of the fact that bees—which are crucial for the survival of all species, including ours*—are dying all around the world. The fact is that this video isn't too far from the truth: bees may go extinct if we don't act promptly and scientists are already working on robotic replacements.


Scientists at Harvard University have already created the alpha version of these robotic bees, created for "rescue operations and artificial pollination."

Image for article titled Millions of these robotic bees may roam the world in the near future

And while their RoboBee may seem too far away from the one in the video, I can see the latter happening in a couple of decades thanks to the our fast progress in nano-robotics and new material development. But maybe—just maybe—we should try to save the real bees first?

* Did you know that a third of our food depends on bee pollination?

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k2b: da man stole mah bloggy!!!!!!!

It's, um... that's charming, but I'm befuddled at the point they are trying to make by having the robotic bees gas other species? OH WAIT. Are the bees us, working against nature to our own detriment and reducing ourselves to automatons for temporary but ultimately non-functional gain?

My head just exploded. But no worries. I'll send in the brain-goo-cleaner-bot to sort it out.