These Incredible Custom Figure Heads Give Hot Toys A Run For Their Money

As far as hyper-detailed figures that you can buy, Hot Toys is up there as some of the best for your cash. But they definitely have some competition from these jaw-dropping headsculpts by customiser Xiang Zhang.

I mean yes, that's not a knock on Hot Toys' work — as I have often said, they're basically in the business of stealing people's souls and turning them into tiny little plastic people — but Zhang's work at customising theses sculpts by repainting them and adding more realistic hair to them is nothing short of incredible. Check out this Scarlett Johansson below:


I mean, that's just straight up Scarlett Johansson's face in his hands.It's wonderful stuff. It almost looks like a photoshop trick rather than an actual toy head. Obviously work this detailed is something you'd never get on the manufacturing scale needed for most Toys, which is why Hot Toy's constant incredibleness is so amazing. But that doesn't take away from the fact that what Zhang does is pretty remarkable either way.

Just some realistic hair and a masterful bit of paintwork, and bam! You basically have a real life person in action figure form. It's beautiful, a little bit scary, and incredibly awesome.

You can check out more of Xiang Zhang's work on his Deviantart gallery.

[via Make]

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