These Swarovski Snowboards Will Get Stolen If You Bring Them to Snowmodo

Heading into the lodge for a midday hot cocoa? Adorable. Plan on leaving your Nidecker Swarovski-studded snowboard in the rack alongside the "normal" boards? Better not. Have a portable vault handy instead.

Actually, why the hell are you even snowboarding on one of these things in the first place? The designers, students studying industrial design and visual communication (and bling) at the University of Art and Design Lausanne (ECAL), don't mention pricing on these one-of-a-kind snowboards, so you know what that means. Right, not good with numbers. But aside from that, these boards are inlaid with crystals, which means "expensive."


And lastly, if any one of you rides into town for Snowmodo on one of these things you should seriously take a hard, serious look into kicking your own ass. [Nideker via Born Rich]

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