This 100-ft Long Sub Was Built To Carry 8 Tons of Colombian Cocaine

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When you need to transport eight tons of cocaine across international waters, you can't exactly just pay an extra baggage fee. So Colombian drug lords did the sensible—and trendy—thing: they spent 4,000 million pesos (approx $2.2 million) to build their own drug-trafficktacular submersible.

Colombian authorities seized the vessel before it could make its way to Mexico. And then posed for lots, and lots, and lots of pictures, because wouldn't you? [MSNBC via BoingBoing; Photo credit: REUTERS/Jaime Saldarriaga]

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The drug lords will always be one step ahead of the authorities as there is so much money to be made in the illicit drug trade. Some of the methods they've employed are genius. I read, in one case, that cocaine was dissolved in a solution and impregnated into antique wooden doors that were then shipped to the UK. Then it was a matter of just breaking the doors up and extracting the dissolved cocaine from the ground up wood.

Another case that showed a drug cartel's ingenuity was they had a company, in Mexico I think it was, that was exporting fax toner cartridges to the US. The toner inside these cartridges was cocaine and some black dyes and whatever else needed. The cocaine was virtually undetectable. As fate would have it, the customs office where one shipment was being checked over, had the exact model of fax that used these toner cartridges. The customs officer tested one in their fax machine and all was well until he noted that the print quality was poor. This aroused his suspicions and the shipment was seized. Chemical analysis revealed the presence of cocaine to shocked staff.