This App Can Tell If a Soccer Ball Needs Air By Listening To It Bounce

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Nothing tops talent when it comes to how well a soccer player performs on the field, but believe it or not, how inflated (or under-inflated) a soccer ball is can affect how the ball moves when kicked. You can throw your antiquated pressure gauge away, though, because there's now an app called BallTune that can calculate a ball's internal pressure simply by listening to it bounce.

Available for both iOS and Android devices, using the app is as simple as pointing it at a soccer ball that's then dropped onto a hard surface. BallTune records a video and then analyzes the sound and frequency of bounces to calculate the ball's PSI, allowing you to then tune adjust it for a specific behavior based on recommendations in the app.


Normally the app will run just two bucks, but because the World Cup is currently on, it's free for a limited time. And eventually its creators plan to release versions for basketballs and volleyballs too. [BallTune]


It's these kinds of apps that really illustrate why we are in an amazing time when it comes to smartphones. The phone manufacturers install a great OS, put out good developer tools, and include a high end microphone, camera, accelerometer, and compass inside. App developers have found some pretty amazing ways to leverage these to do things the manufacturers never envisioned.

This app is one example. So is the app that takes an image of a street sign and translates the language on the fly. Or the app that I can use to accurately tune a guitar. Or the app that measures and graphs my sleep patterns and wakes me up at the optimal time.