This beautifully composed space footage will 100% give you chills

Trust us. Stop what you're doing, set aside two minutes of your time, full-screen this bad boy and just watch. Listen. Think about the fact that the "video" you see here was, in fact, carefully pieced together from thousands of individual photographs captured during NASA's Cassini and Voyager missions. Let the carefully selected mix of imagery, old and new, invade your retinas. Just watch.


This video, which is simply titled "Outer Space," was created by Hauge-based filmmaker Sander van den Berg. Van den Berg plumbed the depths of NASA's Cassini and Voyager image databases to find photographs that were taken in succession, allowing him to stitch them together into moving pictures. The result, as you can see, was nothing short of breathtaking. Ring gaps, moonlets, geysers, big red spots and littler red spots abound.

[Sander van den Berg via It's Okay to be Smart]


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