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This Bed Will Keep You Cool Through Even The Hottest of Dreams

Illustration for article titled This Bed Will Keep You Cool Through Even The Hottest of Dreams

It's easy for things to get hot and sweaty under the covers—especially in the summer months. But rather than flipping on the air conditioning, why not keep your electricity bill low by letting your bed keep you chilled?


The Evening Breeze line of beds has special bed posts and canopies with built-in ventilation systems to keep you comfortable. They work by sucking in air from under your bed, cooling and dehumidifying it, and then gently blowing it over you.

According to the maker, aside from the ideal temperature, there's also the added benefit of savings of 60 to 80 percent of your air conditioning bill with this system. Of course, there better be such a benefit when the system and installation will run you about $4500. [Evening Breeze via Springwise via Unplggd]

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Nobody is looking at the energy balance here? Of course you use less electricity to not be using your air conditioner as much, but you add electricity to use the bed's built-in cooler.

"You could either give me $100, or you could give me $50 and then another $50 ... that's 50% less sort of!"