Remember when we told you to look at the Moon? Some folks really looked, and they were blown away. Rightfully so.

Director Alex Gorosh and writer Wylie Overstreet captured folks on Los Angeles sidewalks looking at the Moon through a Dobsonian telescope to the tune of Claude Debussy’sClair de lune.”


“Oh my god” and “no way” were the general consensus.

“Seeing the moon like that has a unifying and humbling effect that’s visible in the faces of people that are seeing it,” Overstreet told Gizmodo. “That’s sort of the magic of the video and the montage.”

If you, too, would like to see really neat images, plenty of telescopes can capture incredible details of celestial objects from here on Earth—even if you live in the city. Here’s an example of just how much Moon you might be able to spot, depending on your scope:

Close up of the moon
Image: Petros Pissias (Flickr)

But the end game here isn’t just stopping to look at the Moon for a second. Hopefully, viewers of this video might become more interested in looking at the Moon on their own.

“I hope their curiosity is ignited,” said Overstreet. “I hope that they won’t just watch the video, but seek these experiences out themselves.”



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