This Cheesy Snack Turns Your Tongue Blue

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Ah, chips. Who doesn't love them? If only—and I'm being nitpicky here—if only they could, I don't know, turn your tongue some ungodly color for no reason. Right? Oh, wait, PepsiCo's Twisties to the rescue!


Yes, PepsiCo Australia's popular Twisties brand of chips (or "crisps," as they're sometimes called by people who talk funny) is releasing a limited edition called Twisties Blue Tongue. According to Jenni Dill, Twistie's marketing director: "Twisties Blue Tongue involves consumers in a real snacking experience and re-energizes consumer's love for the Twisties brand."

You sure about that, Jenni? I mean, it's bad enough when I get orange fingers from eating Cheetos (while crying, alone, watching Steel Magnolias), why in the hell would I want something that uses chemicals to turn my tongue blue? On the other hand: pranks. So. Many. Pranks. [PepsiCo via Reddit. Image and link credit: Fizzywater]



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