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This Handy Chrome Extension Makes Binge-Watching Netflix Even Easier

Illustration for article titled This Handy Chrome Extension Makes Binge-Watching Netflix Even Easier

Netflix is built for binge-watching. It’s practically all I use it for. But you know what’s lame? The service bakes in stop gaps, like the occasional “continue watching” prompts and episode countdowns. These remind me of reality, and knock me out of my House of Cards-watching flow. Luckily, a genius built a new extension that gets rid of those needless annoyances.


Flix Assist joins must-have Netflix Chrome extensions like Netflix Enhancer and Netflix Party. The simple tool kills Netflix’s “are you still there” questions, while also vanquishing those pesky countdowns between episodes. The latter saves you 10 valuable seconds between each episode—that’s a whole half hour every 180 episodes! The savings are obscene!

OK, so unless you really, really watch a lot of Netflix, this won’t radically change your life, but at least it’ll let you watch that new season of Daredevil—and you really should—without interruption.


[The Next Web]

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Somewhat off-topic, but does anyone know if there is a way to turn ON the stop auto play after X shows on Hulu? I love autoplay, but the better half and I fall asleep watching Hulu all the time, which causes a few of things: Episodes we haven’t watched (new or otherwise) now look like they’ve been watched, Hulu goes on it’s own little thread, and next thing you know my “Show’s you watch” is polluted with all kinds of shit I don’t watch, and my monthly data utilization is much more than it should (luckily no caps from Comcast in my area...yet). I use a Chromecast to watch, and i would use my TV’s timer, but unfortunately my TV doesn’t have powered USB ports, so turnign off the TV doesn’t turn off the Chromecast

Netflix has their socks you can make, but again, would only work if turning off your TV turned off the stream.