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This iPhone Cake Has Real iPhone 4 Stuffing

Illustration for article titled This iPhone Cake Has Real iPhone 4 Stuffing

When Gizmodo reader Carlos got an iPhone-shaped cake for his birthday, he already thought he'd made out pretty well. But it's when he cut into it that the real present, well, presented itself: a brand new iPhone 4.


Take that, previous generations of iPhone cake! Your vanilla innards officially look sad and cheap compared to the real thing. Although you were probably, admittedly, tastier. [Thanks, Carlos!]

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Nothing to See Here!

When was his birthday? Mine's tomorrow :) (GMT) (24th for the people who couldn't work it out)

Personally, I'd call this the iCake, and probably have iOS4 on it (Rather than iOS3). I dunno, it's still awesome!

Edit: I'm actually rather jealous. And that SpongeBob figure on the top right is making me more jealous!