This Re-Purposed Mining Cart Hauls Drinks Instead of Coal

Nothing helps fill the silent void at an awkward dinner party like a piece of furniture with an interesting back story. Whether it's the couch you found inexplicably just abandoned next to a dumpster, a bookshelf that started life as a stolen stack of cinderblocks, or this truly unique mine cart coffee table that spent a past life hauling coal and other materials.

If it's an industrial look you're after in the living room, you won't do much better than this piece which started duty back in 1900, but has since been cleaned up, re-painted, and re-purposed with a glass top now. For $2,400 it even comes with its own set of rails so it's easy to move—a couple of feet. Which, FYI, also means you should file this under 'not safe for kids' if you've got a family planned. [Ducôté Design via Recyclart]


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