This Robot Wants Your Money, Jerks

Illustration for article titled This Robot Wants Your Money, Jerks

Here in America, we use paper to pay for things—maybe plastic if we're lucky. But over in Japan, wireless RFID is gradually becoming the rage. And this NEC robot supports the trend of paying for something without feeling like you're actually paying for something.Using the robot is easy enough. You push the touchscreen on its chest to select, say, tickets for an amusement park. Then you wave your FeliCa-enabled wallet phone (RFID device) over the robot's right hand to, as we can only assume, pay for your tickets and deactivate the robot's deadly laser security system. Apparently the system could also incorporate facial recognition to identify frequent visitors, or recommend services based upon their age/gender. And while we know that this terminal is just a kiosk shaped like a robot, we can't help but to admire the sincere technoanthropomorphism. [IT Media via Pink Tentacle]


Call me paranoid, but I like PINs and security codes. I want the machine to make sure its ME before it takes my money.