This Rubik's Cube Fridge Will Forever Be Unsolved

If ThinkGeek's Star Trek Borg Cube mini-fridge didn't do it for you, maybe its follow-up effort will get your geeky juices flowing. Drawing inspiration from another cubic pop culture icon, this Rubik's Cube fridge doesn't spin so it can never, ever be solved. However, it does solve the problem of how to keep ice cold beverages under your desk at work.

Like the Star Trek version this mini-fridge has a locking door to contain spills, a warming mode if you'd rather use it to heat food, and a $150 price tag. That's a little pricey for a Rubik's Cube that doesn't come already solved, and can never be. But at least you have a good excuse for why it's perpetually a multi-colored mess. [ThinkGeek]


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