There you have it—the pinnacle of modern technology, in 1989 Soviet Russia, at least. Recently, someone decided to unearth this gem and share the nostalgic find with the internet. Craziest thing about it? This bad boy was almost three hundred US dollars.


For those who can read Russian, the box explains the newfangled device's benefits. According to the website EnglishRussia: "It is the most comfortable graphic input device. You can move a cursor or piece of graphics across the screen, paint or use in business."

Useful information, especially if you've never seen a computer mouse before. These partially hand-drawn blueprints are also (sorta) enlightening:

You know, it actually doesn't look like such a dinosaur when you compare it to a modern mouse. It might even work, if we could find an adapter for this thing:


[EnglishRussia via Reddit]

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