This Telescoping Macro Lens Looks Completely Insane

Image: ePhotozine (image used with permission)

A good photographer will do anything for a photo—and now that can even mean wielding a super long lens that looks like a teeny telescope. As ePhotozine reported from Photokina, Venus Optics is introducing this macro lens to keep photographers from getting too close to subjects

Venus Optics says this wacky new macro lens is designed for photographing what the company calls “shy” objects. The long barrel lets you stay at a safe distance from the subject, and the 2:1 max reproduction ration makes sure you get a nice clean shot every time.


The lens is offered for both Nikon and Canon full-frame cameras. The lens itself is partially collapsable and tapers off to about the size of a dime. There’s no price on this super-scoping lens just yet, and it’s scheduled to arrive sometime in 2017. For more details and photos, head to ePhotozine and check them out.



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