This Tree Removal Video Helped Me Find God

Until I watched this video, I had no idea about the potential healing power of watching someone climb and then methodically chop down a huge tree, all set to dramatic music.


The precision of the cuts in the tree to make the log fall exactly where it should, the subtle thump of the tree hitting the ground, and the gorgeous scenery make this video better than any meditation I’ve tried.

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I worked at a tree removal place for a few weeks one summer. Most dangerous job I ever had. Super glad I just worked on the ground, but that is where you are most likely get hurt. A coworker was sent to the hospital after being hit in the head with a falling limb on my first day. Twisted ankles, wrenched backs, chainsaw accidents, minor injuries and cuts all day. Good adventure for a young kid, nightmare fodder for my parents. :) Gotta respect that guy in the video!