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This Week's Abysmal Heat Wave, Visualized

Image: NOAA / Gizmodo
Image: NOAA / Gizmodo

If you can’t stand the heat, it’s not the week to be in America, my friends. All signs are pointing toward a miserable, record-smashing heat dome engulfing most of the continental US over the next few days. For a scientific illustration of what our impending heat death will look like, meteorologists over at NOAA have just released an exceptionally visceral map.


The visualization above shows us predicted high air temperatures today, reflecting the onset of the heat wave expected to grip the nation from the Rockies to the eastern seaboard by later in the week. In other words, this is America going into the worst hot spell of the summer, one which could bring heat index values of up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius) or higher.


I can’t wait for the visualization of what we’re going to look like coming out the other side.


Maddie Stone is a freelancer based in Philadelphia.

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Here is Los Angeles it’s freaking gorgeous out. Granted it’s going to be warm this week, but that’s pretty normal this time of year.