This Week's TV: Electricity-Hungry Bats Invade Rio!

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What’s on TV this week? Another sporadically programmed episode of Gravity Falls! Atlantis, True Detective and Stitchers all draw to a close. Plus whatever the hell’s happening on Zoo! All on This Week’s TV.


Gravity Falls (8:30PM, DISNEY XD)

“Weird Al Yankovic guest stars.” You heard the man.

Wander Over Yonder (9PM, DISNEY XD)

“ Who in the ‘crop’ is Lord Dominator?!” Well, it is a nine o’clock show…

(Remember when Ren & Stimpy started casually using the word “crap” during the second season? The wild west of 1993.)


Teen Wolf (10PM, MTV)

“If we can’t make the school into a fortress... then maybe we can make it into a trap.”


Face Off (9PM, SYFY)

The contestants must create their own interpretations of the mythological siren.


Stitchers (9PM, ABC FAMILY)

In case anyone’s still watching this show, here’s the summer finale! Featuring a RoboCop quote.


Zoo (9PM, CBS)

“While searching for a solution to the bat problem in Rio de Janeiro, Mitch and Chloe are kidnapped by the local drug lord and Abraham must come to the rescue. Also, reeling from the car crash that allowed escaped death row inmate Evan Lee Hartley to steal the one piece of evidence they had against Reiden Global, the Mother Cell, Jamie, Jackson and Agent Shaffer team up to track him down and lands Jamie in trouble with the FBI, on ZOO”


This episode is called This Is What it Sounds Like – so it’s possible they were considering calling it Batdance at one point.

Scream (10PM, MTV)


Extant (9PM, CBS)

Two back-to-back episodes!

“You Say You Want An Evolution” - Molly panics when she discovers she is changing physically - the question is into what, and whether she can reverse what’s happening to her. Also, JD’s ex-wife, Dorothy (Melina Kanakaredes), shows up suddenly on his doorstep to discuss their daughter.”

“The Other” - Molly and JD try to convince Shepherd to broker a peace between humans and hybrids. Meanwhile, Lucy tries to manipulate Charlie’s feelings to put him in a compromising position.”


Mr. Robot (10PM, USA)

“Elliot (Rami Malek) MIA. mr. robot (Christian Slater) gotta pull fsociety back together. future depends on it. Angela (Portia Doubleday) goes head to head w/ old nemesis. IMO risky as hell.”



Astronauts Wives Club (8PM, ABC)

“Betty Grissom faces the grim reality that her husband, Gus, is gone. With Gus having died while preparing for a NASA mission, Betty must move forward planning his funeral and a life without him. After receiving word that Gus’ death may have been preventable, Betty is determined to get answers in Gus’ death and embarks on a battle for justice”


Beauty and the Beast (8PM, CW)

It looks like lots of windows and glass doors break in this episode, so I just want to confirm that this little trick works, and has completely changed my life!


Dominion (9PM, SYFY)


Defiance (8PM, SYFY)

Title references the 1942 song, Brazil by Xavier Cugat and His Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra!


Killjoys (9PM, SYFY)

Storm episode! I personally rank those in between quarantine and hostage episodes.


Dark Matter (10PM, SYFY)

Sword fighting in the woods of Toronto!


Guardians of the Galaxy (8:58PM, DISNEY XD)

GROOT. The second part is at 9:58, so… that’s inconvenient.

Aquarius (9PM, NBC)

“In order to find out who has been targeting and killing homosexual men in LA, Hodiak (David Duchovny) and Shafe (Grey Damon) seek the cooperation of a high-profile figure. Record producer Elliot Hillman (Evan Arnold, “Suburgatory,” “Spider-Man”) returns to Manson’s compound with a renewed interest in Manson (Gethin Anthony). “


Hannibal (10PM, NBC)


Atlantis (11PM, BBC AMERICA)

Series finale!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (11AM, NICK)

The Turtles in Time arc continues…

True Detective (9 PM, HBO)

HBO hasn’t released any info about the finale of the second season yet—but let’s hope they pull it out somehow.


Humans (9PM, AMC)

The Strain (10PM, FX)

“Eph changes his appearance to leave the city while Nora is left as the reluctant parent for Zack. Dutch and Nora make a deal with Justine to secure Fet’s release from jail.”


Top image: Zoo.