There was little doubt that combining superheroes and anthropomorphic toy trains would be a big hit with kids. But following up on the success of the initial reveal at Comic-Con last year, Mattel is going to introduce 35 new DC Super Friends/Thomas & Friends Minis mashups including Emily in a Poison Ivy getup, a Solomon Grundy version of Diesel 10, and Gator as the Green Lantern.

Thomas the Tank Engine himself will also see new Bizarro and Batman versions released, but Mattel is also planning to expand the Thomas & Friends Minis line even further with a series of SpongeBob Squarepants mashups based on characters from that ever-popular show.

As with the original versions of the Thomas & Friends Minis, the new mashups will still be available in four-packs for $7, and nine-packs for $15 when they chug into stores sometime this spring.


[Thomas and Friends]

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