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Tom Cruise is a bad boy pilot with a heap of daddy issues who doesn't follow the rules. Will he succeed at the Navy's top fighter-weapons school all while seducing his bombshell civilian instructor and outperforming his rivals? Who knows!

Top Gun is a classic piece of 80s film, and admittedly I hadn't even watched it until last weekend. Do you know how many lines in our vernacular come from the Tony Scott-directed movie? Ok, you probably do, but I didn't! Example: "I feel the need. The need for speed!" It also has a stellar soundtrack with Kenny Loggins and a certain Berlin song in heavy rotation. It's a cheesy over-the-top tale of pilots in love and competition, and it's perfect.


If you haven't given this a watch (again), it's certainly worth your time. It's definitely predictable, thoroughly enjoyable, and an important part of your pop cultural education. Every single time you watch it. [Netflix]

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