Toshiba's TransMemory: 16GB USB Flash Drive

Toshiba is about to launch a new line of USB flash drives called TransMemory, the biggest of which will be a limited edition 16GB behemoth. The flash drives will come with U3's (the fancy name Toshiba has given to the ability to store executable applications and program settings and not just "regular" data an independent company that works with USB flash drive manufacturers to make flash drives something more than just "dumb" storage) technology to make the drive "smart." (It's a business thing.) They'll also ship with U-Safe, which is a basic password protection security feature.

Obviously, the biggest deal here is the 16GB USB drive, which is just an awful lot of storage space to have in your pocket. The other drives, available in sizes of 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB will be out in Japan by the end of November, while the limited edition 16GB will hit in late December and can only be bought from Toshiba's online store.


Press Release [Toshiba via Digital World Tokyo]

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