Ukraine Begins Employing Giant Combat Robots for Security

"TIS is proud to inform that we are the first in our Kominternovsky region to employ Giant Humanlike Combat Robots within the Security Department. Model TIS-1CB." That's the caption for this photo. What are they up to in Ukraine? Updated.

Seriously, if anyone has a detailed explanation for this thing, please shoot me an email. [Pravda]


Update: Thanks to all those who sent in the explanation for this strange metal fellow. Sergey G's details, in particular, were very helpful:

TIS (Transinvestservice) is logistics company near Odessa. They had problems people finding their warehouse (you know - knowing to turn left after 15 km and stuff like that), so TIS set up an giant robot made from old cars as a signpost.

As a side-note: "Giant Human Like Battle Robots" is a popular meme in Russia and Ukraine. "When [are we] going to employ Giant Humanlike Battle Robots to protect our borders?" was a winning question for Putin on his nationwide interview with Internet folk. Yuschenko (Ukrainian president) was asked this as well since then.

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