UPDATED: Journalist Accepts $1 Million Challenge: Do $7250 Cables Sound Better or Not?

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Click to viewPear Cable, makers of the $7250 audio cables we showed you a couple of weeks ago, has accepted debunker James Randi's (pictured at left) challenge, where the former magician's JREF (James Randi Educational Foundation) promised $1 million if anyone could prove the difference between Pear cables and their Monster Cable equivalent. Today we received an answer to that challenge from Pear Audio CEO Adam Blake (pictured above right, the guy who called Randi's challenge a hoax), saying the double-blind tester will be Michael Fremer, a Stereophile Magazine writer whose work also appears on musicangle.com.


UPDATE: When we asked Adam Blake who contacted who first, he told us, "Fremer contacted Randi first and we have been in contact with Mr. Fremer. Pear Cable has had no direct contact with James Randi." Blake said it was Fremer's idea to accept the challenge, and it will be he who receives the million dollars if he's able to prove there's a difference between the cables. Okay, James Randi, the ball is now in your court. Here's the full text of the challenge response:

$1 Million Speaker Cable Challenge Accepted

Audiophile Reviewer Michael Fremer Agrees to Double-Blind Loudspeaker Cable Test

Newton, Mass. - October 15, 2007 - Responding to accusations that the high-fidelity Pear Cable Anjou loudspeaker cables could not be differentiated from typical equivalent Monster Cable, Michael Fremer, writer for Stereophile Magazine and musicangle.com, has agreed to double-blind listening tests to prove that cables can be differentiated sonically. Accuser James Randi has claimed to offer a $1 million dollar prize if the high-fidelity cables can be detected.

While Pear Cable remains highly skeptical that the challenge is genuine, full support for Michael Fremer's effort has been offered. Although the cables to be used in the test have not yet been selected, Pear Cable has offered to loan Mr. Fremer any Pear cables necessary to conduct the test if he desires to use them.

To date, James Randi has provided no scientific evidence of any kind to support his accusations. No test protocol for the challenge was stipulated in the original accusation, however James Randi reserves the right to change test protocol in any way he personally desires.

Official rules for the James Randi Educational Foundation challenge state that $1 Million will be paid to "any person who can demonstrate any psychic, supernatural or paranormal ability." Michael Fremer has expressly stated as a condition of his challenge acceptance that he does not possess any psychic, supernatural, or paranormal abilities, and that he does not believe he has above average hearing. Fremer has also asked that interconnects be tested in addition to loudspeaker cables unless James Randi will concede that they affect sound quality.

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