Verizon's Got a Little iPhone In Their Droid X Ad

Illustration for article titled Verizon's Got a Little iPhone In Their Droid X Ad

Oh, dear. Given the lengths Motorola has gone to bash the iPhone 4 in ads, they can't be happy to see the Droid X show up in a Verizon ad sporting—could it be?—the iPhone version of Google Maps.


Honest mistake, etc. But my goodness that's quite a fumble for such a prominent product in such a prominent ad. Also: do people actually go to the 21 Club? [Engadget]



I just don't get how you make a mistake like this.

If someone handed me the project, and said "put the map app on the screen of this phone", I'd take a screen shot of the map app on the droid, and then photoshop it in.

How hard is that?

And none of the marketing directors have Droids so they can say "hey, that doesn't look like the Droid map app!".

Come on. This isn't an honest mistake. This is just rushing a half assed project (or plain ol' fashioned stupidity).

I'm not sure why this angers me. Maybe because someone is getting paid a lot more than I make to do a job I could do correctly in a few minutes.