Was this zany fan film from 1969 the first live-action Spider-Man movie?

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A mere seven years after the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man debuted in 1962, comic book fans were already making amateur tributes to the wall-crawler.

This groovy fan film from 1969 — which purports to be the first live-action Spidey movie ever — demonstrates the no-frills dedication of low-budget filmmakers from back in the day. If you can't afford special effects, use an action figure!

The man in the arachnid costume is television producer/animation veteran Don Glut, whose dinosaur memorabilia collection you will never forget. As the YouTube uploader notes:

Notice the use of the Captain Action Spider-Man figure for web swinging and wall crawling; that goes for huge bucks now. The villain in this fan film, Dr. Lightning, is not a real Marvel character and was just created by the guy's making the film.


I absolutely adore the 1960s-ness of it all (particularly the soundtrack), the magnificent ending, and the web effects. Now I want to see a Spider-Man movie à la Mad Men, with a nervous Peter Parker yelling "PIZZA HAUS!" whenever Gwen Stacy calls. For another fantastic example of how crazy devoted old-school fan filmmakers were, check out this 1970s special effects reel.


[Via The Retroist]