Watch a 37,000-Pound Earth Mover Dance on Two Wheels

It’s amazing what kind of useless skills you can teach yourself while you’re bored at work. But twirling pens on your fingers or mastering Solitaire aren’t nearly as impressive as driving an 18-ton front-end loader on two wheels while making the gigantic machine twerk.


This video comes from what looks like some kind of heavy machinery trade show. If you’ve ever been to an event like that, you know that companies plan ridiculous stunts to grab the attention of potential customers. So we’re not going to fault Lovol Heavy Industry Co. for trying to show off what its FL958G-II Wheel-loader can do, but you can bet there are at least a few teenagers who are going to try this dumb trick with their own wheel-loaders. Leave it for the trade shows, kids.

[YouTube via Tastefully Offensive]

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I’m perplexed by the dancers and singer. Everything makes this look like a show for construction equipment. Why are there dancers? Why are there singers? Who thought this was a good idea?