Watch an Epic Supercut of the Last Shot in Blockbuster Movie Trailers

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This is fantastic. The Nerdwriter Evan Puschak created this killer compilation video that stitched together last shots of different blockbuster movie trailers. You know that last scene. Spectacular explosions, beautiful screaming heads, tense as hell sequences and probably an Inception horn thrown in. It's the scene that if successful, leaves you gasping for air and memorizing when the movie comes out. So putting all those scenes together is like seeing the ultimate blockbuster. Take my money. Give me more.

Puschak explains why he did this:

I think trailer-cutting is an art all its own, and as blockbusters have been getting bigger and crazier, their trailers have followed suit. I always imagine editors scrubbing through a movie to find the best possible last shot. Here’s a compilations of the ones they chose.


Movies are notorious for repeating cliches when promoting itself. And though trailers definitely fall victim to that, that last shot of a trailer perfectly captures the true essence of a blockbuster. [The Nerdwriter via Laughing Squid]