Watch Captain America throw his mighty shield!

A full minute of Captain America: The First Avenger footage just appeared on Entertainment Tonight, and it narrates the Sentinel of Liberty's origin story better than the 30-second Superbowl teaser.


Updated: Now much higher res! And watch a six-second clip below...

Watch Steve Rogers being turned down for military service and walking away, dejected, only to gain tons of muscle — and a foot in height — as a result of the military experiments. And then watch the explosions and fireworks begin!

Oh, and here's a six-second clip that went online via Paramount Pictures' Twitvid account:

Click to view

Hopefully this is a taste of the full-length trailer that we'll be seeing soon enough. We'll post a higher res video as soon as we get one. [via The Daily Blam]


Chris Braak

Is that...was that Tommy Lee Jones?