Watch Movies on Your iPad Without an App Using VUDU

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VUDU, the streaming movie and TV service, is trying to cut Apple out of the profit picture by circumventing the App Store with a webapp. This way, Apple doesn't get money off of VUDU's movie sales and rentals.


You can just access VUDU by going to in Safari. The new web app uses Apple's HTTP Live adaptive bit rate streaming to maintain good quality streams but movies are limited to only standard def streaming (TV shows fluctuate in quality depending on Internet connection). There's over 20,000 movies to rent or buy on the website and all previous purchases will be instantly watchable. I never prefer a web app over a native app but VUDU's take isn't so bad. [VUDU via GigaOM]


What cracks me up about all of the companies deciding to do web apps (to avoid the terms and conditions of the app store) is that they are basically conceding to Apple's original suggestion with the iPhone and development: create rich, HTML5 based web apps. And the great news is, if done right, these web apps could end up being easily adapted to work on virtually any handset/tablet/browser.