Watch the Birth of Detective Pikachu's Terrifying Mewtwo in This 10-Minute Clip

Mewtwo bursting free from its gestation pod.
Image: Warner Bros.

Remember when Ryan Reynolds thought it’d be cute to troll everyone with a fake leak of Detective Pikachu before the movie came out earlier this year? Warner Bros. would apparently like to make up for that.


Warner Bros. has uploaded the first 10 minutes of Detective Pikachu for all those folks out there who’ve yet to see the movie—and anyone who wants to recapture the wonder of seeing a boatload of Pokémon bustling around in a big, live-action city. But the real star of the extended clip is Mewtwo, who factors rather largely into the mystery at the center of the film that only the talking Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds) and his new best buddy Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) can solve.

With a sequel to Detective Pikachu on the way, Warner Bros. has got to be thinking about how it’s going to top the first film’s surprisingly solid action sequences, beyond simply throwing more cool Pokémon into the mix and letting them mix it up on the battlefield the way we’ve become used to seeing in the animated series. Then again, you know what? Perhaps that’s exactly what the studio should do.

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Charles Pulliam-Moore is an NYC-based culture critic whose work centers on fandom, pop culture, politics, race, and sexuality. He still thinks Cyclops made a few valid points.



I’d prefer a Psyduck supercut