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Watch the MacBook Pro Retina Go Hot Red At Maximum Power

I love thermal imaging more than a Predator and almost as much as I love the new MacBook Pro Retina. So I made this little GIF animation with thermal images from Japanese blog IT Media, showing how hot Apple's coolest computer gets under maximum stress.


The verdict: it doesn't get too hot at all. The combination of its ventilation design and the absence of a hard drive seems to work quite fine.

In sleep mode, it doesn't produce any distinguishable heat, napping at just 86.54 degrees Fahrenheit (30.3 degrees Celsius). Playing a QuickTime movie for 15 minutes only took it to a ridiculous 95.18 degrees Fahrenheit (35.1 degrees Celsius).


The machine only got significantly hot when pushed to the limit using Cinebench and other hardcore apps. Then it reached its maximum temperature: 118.76 degrees Fahrenheit (48.2 degrees Celsius). That's when you need to get your computer off your lap or risk some toasted legs.

I can't wait to get mine. My current MacBook Pro 17 from 1862 seems to run at a balls scorching 5235 Kelvin. Heck, this thing is so hot that I think it's powered by dual uranium reactors. Work faster, Foxconn, faster! Ship that thing already! [IT Media in Japanese via Cult of Mac]

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slightly offtopic but I need some expert advice.

I have a retina MBP on order with 2.6/16/512 specs, I have been visiting quite a lot of forums and many people are suggesting not to buy it now as the gfx card are not powerfull enough to run everything smoothly, even anadtech's review says the same and he suggests that one should wait for haswell/broadwell, what is the opinion here at gizmodo?

I initially ordered the rMBP with 8 gigs of RAM but I was told that the new rertina apps and new OS would take the RAm requirement to 16 Gigs in a few year How correct is this statement?

considering the retina apps issue along with hardware constraints is it ok to go with retina or should I go for the classic MBP with loaded specs.

BTW I am an engineer and I do a little bit of photoshop but i want a pro machine which can do anything i through at it.