Hong Yi, the lovely artist who makes mind blowing art from everyday objects like books, coffee and basketballs, is back at it again. This time? She paints a picture of Adele using burning candles. Seriously. Who needs a paintbrush when you have hot wax, right?


I can barely light a candle without burning myself silly and can't even draw a straight line so I'm definitely beyond impressed at her ability to mold hot burning wax into a portrait of Adele's 21 album cover. The portrait is part of a 4-part project where she'll involve the basic elements fire, water, wind and earth. As you can guess, this is fire. Here's how she did it:

This took about 2 weeks to plan out - I spent about a week looking for the right materials for it, and another week on working out how to use hot candle wax as my 'paint'. The art piece itself took about 7 hours to complete, and I think I used about 1500 candles!


The adorable Hong admitted to burning a finger but hey, it's worth it when you make incredible art like this. Check out her website Oh I See Red for more pictures of this amazing piece. [Oh I See Red]

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