Watch Three Bald Eagle Chicks Grow on Catalina Island's EagleCam

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Catalina Island just got a little more patriotic. Wildlife biologists from the Catalina Island Conservancy, which administers the majority of the island, announced last week that three bald eagle chicks hatched there, and they've outfitted their nest with a camera. You can watch the chicks grow from the comfort of your own home.

Live streaming video by Ustream

The small island off the coast of Los Angeles is known both for its historic role as a vacation spot for Hollywood types, and as the only home on the planet for California's most adorable endangered critter, the Catalina Island fox.


While America's official animal was once nearly driven out of the continental United States, conservation efforts were so successful that the species was downgraded from endangered to threatened in 1995 and by 2007 was no longer included on the list of endangered and threatened species.

But the sub-population on Catalina Island had more problems, thanks to pollution. Several decades ago, the raptors were all but wiped out, thanks to the now-illegal pesticide DDT which had been dumped into the sea off the mainland coast of Los Angeles.


But the new chicks suggest that things are looking up for the bald eagles of Catalina Island. LAist reports that there are still a few eggs being incubated by other mature bald eagle pairs. There are eight pairs on the island, seven of which have active nests this season.