Watching Krispy Kreme Donuts Get Made Will Make Your Whole Body Glaze Over

Go ahead and cancel all your meetings, lock the door to your office, and put this one up on the big screen. To commemorate the delicious 75th anniversary of Krispy Kreme—which is today—WFAE's video shows just how the Supreme Temple of American Donuts makes those carbtastic treats.


From start to finish the process is totally automated and completely hypnotizing. A little tube spits out inner tubes of dough. Then the circular pastries ride a carousel where they're baked to flaky golden perfection. But wait until you get to the part where the glazer coats the little o's with a thick waterfall of a sugary sheen. You're going to want to keep that one on a continuous loop and have a trough handy to catch all the drool. Oh the marvels of modern machinery! [WFAE]

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Someone once said that when they are hot off the line, Krispy Kreme donuts are to regular donuts what angels are to mortals.

When I was in college in the 80's, we had a KK bakery in town that offered all-you-could-eat donuts for $1.50 from midnight to 6. Now that was the way to study.