Watching the Chicago Bears While Waiting for Your Cruise: That'll Be $28,067 Please

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Wayne Burdick just wanted to watch the Chicago Bears game. Using the Slingbox he had set up, he slid in his AT&T wireless card. Two and half hours and $28,000 later, the Bears won.


Burdick was just waiting for his cruise ship to arrive, when he decided to watch the game via his Slingbox (which streams television though an internet signal). Having an unlimited data plan, he thought everything would be peachy-keen. Unfortunately, he connected to the ship's network and, as a result, ran up international roaming charges.

When Burdick complained about the charges despite never leaving the country, AT&T offered to initially reduce the bill down to $6,000. Eventually, through some media attention, the bill was reduced to $220 in charges. Oh yeah—the score was 27-23. [Chicago Sun-Times via The Register]

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How the fack was he charged? If he was waiting for the ship he shouldnt have been charged. Why I know this? Because i go on one about ever 2 weeks. And their cell towers, Network @ Sea or Cellular @ sea doesn't kick on until it is about 6 miles from the coast, when all cell towers are non existent. If he connected via land based he shouldnt be charged. Like i said those cell towers on the ship dont kick in until the ship leaves.

I know a few tricks around it though lol.