What If Famous Photos Were Ruined By Annoying Watermarks?

Watermarks are the annoying result of people stealing pictures—they're ugly, distracting and cheapen the art of photography. But it's a necessary evil! Or is it? Kip Praslowicz poked fun at the ugly watermarks ruining pictures these days by plastering them over famous photos. It's not a good look.

Praslowicz says:

Idle thought today while at work was how it seems like many amateur photographs spend more time putting elaborate watermarks on their images than they do making images worth stealing. This led to a second thought that I don't really recall ever seeing the photographs of famous art photographers with a gaudy watermark


Which obviously led to:


Check out more of these hilariously butchered pictures at Kip Praslowicz' website. [Kip Praslowicz via PetaPixel]

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