What the Next iPad Might Look Like Next to the Current iPad

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Reports have been filed, sources have spoken, parts have leaked and most everybody agrees that the next iPad (iPad 5?) will sport a much thinner bezel than what we're used to from the current iPad. Basically, with the narrower bezel and thinner body, the next iPad will look like a bigger version of the iPad Mini. How does the new design compare to the iPad we know now?

Quite promisingly, actually! The iPad's giant bezel was always a complaint of ours—even since the very first iPad—but was seen as a sort of necessary evil in the sense that your thumbs needed somewhere to go when you held onto an iPad (and not on the touchscreen). But after Apple was able to solve that problem with a narrow bezel in the iPad Mini, it was obvious that Apple would bring that same fix that for the larger iPad. This is how that narrow bezel would look.

TLD, the guys behind the video, one-upped usual Apple parts leak by trying to show how current iPad parts would fit inside the casing of the next one. The current battery would take up a whopping amount of space but the screen would look pretty fantastic with the narrow bezel. The iPad we know now almost looks like a CRT TV in comparison.


Apple is expected to announce the next iPad in October. We'll find out then if what we're seeing now is the real deal. [TLD via MacRumors]