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What's Neil Patrick Harris' Weird American Horror Story Character?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Meet some new characters for Agent Carter and Star Wars, and learn more about a Star Wars villain's confrontation with a hero. Kevin Feige shoots down the Avengers/Spider-Man crossover rumors. Plus a sneak peek at Doctor Who's intense next episode. Spoilers now!

Top image: American Horror Story

Star Wars

Take this for the bit of unverifiable information that it is: imdb has listed Maisie Richardson-Sellers as playing the character Korr Sella in its cast list for Episode VII. [imdb via Jedi News and Slashfilm]


And now, the usual roundup of concept art that people claim to have seen.

First up, a Han Solo look:

This painting is of Han Solo against a grey cloudy backdrop. The backdrop is just impressionistic and not indicative of anything from the film as far as I can tell. Han Solo wears a duster that goes below his knee — the duster is brown like in the leaked concept, however, it is longer and more like his Endor trench coat. The coat is the same brown as the other concept. Han Solo has very white hair in this concept. He's clearly older.

Under the coat he's wearing his classic vest and his shirt is very much the same style of classic Han Solo shirts from in the A New Hope style. I think this is the biggest improvement over the other design as the shirt looks less like the kind of a shirt someone wearing a bolo tie would wear and more like a gunfighter's shirt.


And one depicting a scene that shows what might be Daisy Ridley's character being put under the spell of the villain, a cyborg who might also be hiding the "evil Luke Skywalker" twist under his mask. Here's some of the description, more at the link:

A young woman, twenty years old perhaps is embraced by a monster. He is grabbing her from behind. His creepy right arm is clutching her left shoulder. Her face in this depiction is totally blank. She's colder and more calculated here than in an earlier depiction. Her dirty blond hair is tousled, disheveled and unkempt. Her blue scarf is around her neck and we can only see some of her brown clothing because the figure behind her is enveloping her.

The figure holding the woman is wearing a brown robe not unlike that of Obi-Wan Kenobi. It is very much a classic Jedi robe. He's a white male. His hand holding the woman in place is white but the flesh has started to wear off, revealing his cybernetic hand. Imagine if Luke Skywalker, after getting his robotic hand in The Empire Strikes Back took sand paper to the flesh on his robotic hand rubbing it off in places. It's very Terminator 2. You can see flesh and metallic silver bits coming through the flesh revealing his artificial appendage. The figure's face is the same. The flesh from his face has been burned or scratched way in the same fashion. This figure could have a beard if need be but only his very human lips are visible in the natural light, full of shadows. His nose is metallic, his right eye also has metal on the outside and some of his forehead has the fake skin,worn off in many places. His skin has deteriorated showing us some of his face has been repaired and reconstructed in the past and some of it is still very human. You cannot see his eyes. There are no red lights for eyes, just two black dark voids.

This cyborg is whispering something into the woman's ear and she's coldly taking in his words.


And, finally, some more ship concepts from Fausto DeMartini. The first is the grey and red E-Wing, with wings that arc up. Big engines sit both on top of and below the wings and X-Wing-style lasers at the tips of the wings. The design is supposedly similar to the Clone Wars LAAT.

The C-Wing is grey and yellow and has no curves, everything sitting more at a right angle. The ship is apparently nearly impossible to describe:

This shuttle has a canopy like an A-wing but its off to the side on the left of the front of the ship which is like a Y-wing's front but with a huge laser gun on the right side, opposite of where the pilot sits. There is a socket for an Artoo unit behind the pilot. Behind that huge laser gun is an engine in the front. Then it has a fin going down the bottom like a B-wing with a gun below it. and one huge engine in the rear and a mini-engine above it.


More details at all the links. [Making Star Wars, Making Star Wars, and Making Star Wars via Slashfilm]

Marvel/Avengers: Age of Ultron

When asked about the rumors that Spider-Man might make an appearance in the Marvel movies, Kevin Feige said:

Anything that wasn't specifically and obviously revealed today is either not true at all, or still rumor until it's worked out.


That's very close to his response on Doctor Strange casting, which reads a bit like "don't hold your breath, but don't be shocked if these things are later official." [Comic Book Movie]

And, not that it's a huge surprise, but the new Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman, has signed a five-picture deal with Marvel. [ Deadline]


On the Age of Ultron front, Aaron Taylor-Johnson said of his Avengers character:

He's this Eastern European orphaned guy with a twin sister and loads of back story and that's where I can really have some fun and explore.

It was the same with Godzilla, where I'm playing this guy in the military, which was an interesting challenge for me. I had to physically train to put on size and look and sound different - get that military lingo they have. It's a whole different kind of mentality.


[ Xpose Entertainment via Comic Book Movie]

Batman v. Superman

Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) spoke about her appearance in the film, refusing to confirm or deny that she's playing the "governor of Metropolis" [sic]. She does mention working with Ben Affleck and that Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) will have a speaking part in the film. Listen to the interview at the link. [Comic Book Movie]



Michael Bay is in talks to direct 13 Hours, based on the account of attacks on the State Department in Benghazi. That could mean the next Transformers movie will be put on hold to allow him to do this other movie, or it could mean someone else will direct Transformers 5. At least some outlets are reporting this as Bay having officially turned down the next Transformers though. [Deadline]


Absolutely Anything

Terry Jones describes his project this way:

It's about a man called Neil, a teacher in a sink secondary school, who gets given magic powers by aliens. He can make anything happen, [but] he doesn't realise it until his colleague says, 'What would you do if you could do anything?' and Neil responds with, 'I'd make an alien spaceship hit class 4C and vaporise them.' Then there's an explosion in the school, and they run to 4C's classroom, open the door and there's a vast hole in the ground.


See more photos here. [Empire]


Ex Machina

A24 has acquired the U.S. rights to Alex Garland's directorial debut, about a programmer brought to a reclusive CEO's home to take part in a Turing test. Posters below. [ Coming Soon]


American Horror Story

Looks like they finally managed to hammer out a schedule that worked: Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka will appear in this iteration of American Horror Story. Harris will be in the 11th and 12th episodes as a "chameleon salesman." Burtka will show up in the season finale in a "sexy storyline" with Jessica Lange's character. [TV Line]


Agents of SHIELD

Brett Dalton claims that, while maybe not telling the whole truth, Ward hasn't told a single, straight-up lie this whole season. As for the ramifications for SHIELD not managing to deliver Ward without him escaping, Dalton said:

At the time when Ward breaks free, there's also some other big events that happen. As crazy as that is, there's also the world at large getting even crazier, so that means that while he is a threat, it's not like they're playing games of Risk. There are other things that need their attention. In a way, it makes it a more dangerous situation, but it also makes it one of several pots that are on the fire now. He's a wildcard out there. You don't ultimately know why he's doing all this. Only in retrospect will you find out that all of these steps led to something particular.


[ Entertainment Weekly]

Go here for more photos from episode 2.07, "The Writing on the Wall." [SpoilerTV]


Agent Carter

Meagan Fay ( Murder in the First) will recur in at least four episodes as the woman who runs the boarding house in which Peggy lives. [Deadline]



John Barrowman said that Malcolm obviously doesn't see himself as a villain and as far as he's concerned, his actions aren't that different from Oliver's. He added that the next episode has some confrontations for Malcolm:

Well, the proverbial shit is going to hit the fan in a bit. That's one thing. You are going to see Malcolm confront or be confronted by people that you haven't thought are going to confront him — Oh, I can't tell you! That's what's so hard! It's going to be a roller coaster ride, really. Malcolm's involvement is going to be far greater and deeper than everybody expects.


[ Comic Book Resources]


At the link is video of EP Bruno Heller explaining that the origin of Arkham, especially its darker secrets and its role in shaping Gotham's "larger than life" villains, will be woven into the origin story being told as a whole. [ TV Line]


The 100

Here are video interviews with Eliza Taylor and Isaiah Washington talking about the new challenges facing their characters in season 2. [ Seat42F]

Doctor Who

Here's a clip from episode 11, "Dark Water." [ Life, Doctor Who & Combom]

The Vampire Diaries

Here's another clip from "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here":

The Flash

Here's a "Plastique" trailer:

Additional reporting by Charlie Jane Anders and Abhimanyu Das