When humans punch aliens: the io9 video mix

It's time for another io9 flashback, with this awesome video remix of every scene we could find where a human punches an alien. Set to L.L. Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out," for maximum impact!


Sure, we come in peace and all that. But sometimes, when we encounter alien life forms, the only way we can communicate is by using our built-in universal translators: the ones with five knuckles and a thumb. Here's our compilation of the greatest scenes from movies and TV where a human socks an alien.

To be honest, if I were compiling this video today, it probably would have been a good bit shorter, like around 2 and a half minutes instead of four. But I still love its compilation of human-on-alien fisticuffs, especially some of the really obscure bits from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie and Sandy Collora's Batman: Dead End.

Additional reporting by Lauren Davis.



We need a compilation of when humans blow the living hell out of aliens. Here's some suggestions:

* Independence day: hacking the mothership and bombing all of the UFO's

* Babylon 5: Sheridan bombing the shadow people with nuclear warheads

* (My personal favorite) Criton sucking all his enemies into a titanic wormhole