When will The Walking Dead show us what the Governor's been up to?

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Elizabeth Olson comments on her role in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Jennifer Lawrence explains why Katniss is a frustrating character to play. Check out new footage from The Hobbit and Doctor Who's 50th anniversary. The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman has a brand new apocalyptic TV show. Spoilers now!


Top image: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Terminator 5

We mentioned the other day that Emilia Clarke, Brie Larson, and Margot Robbie are up for the role of young Sarah Connor in this quasi-reboot. But there's also a report that Garrett Hedlund (Tron Legagcy) will test for Kyle Reese. [Hollywood Reporter]

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Jennifer Lawrence says the movie will show how hard it is to be a voice for change and be a girl from the lowest district. She also explains how, even for her, Katniss' reluctance to be a hero is frustrating:

The film has a prevalent message of "rising up." Do you think it's something that will inspire kids to activism?

If there is a younger generation that feels like they do need to speak against something, then I hope that they do. I hope that they will. It's hard to be one voice and be the singular, lowest, District 12, couldn't-get-further-away young girl. [It's hard] to just be one voice in a world that's wrong. I think that it's important to show how big that is, because they think we so easily become sheep, the society [as a whole] and especially the younger generation. We just kind of follow everybody in front of us and are very into doing what's cool without having the actual political information. And so the fact young adults love this as much as they did, that it sold as many copies as it did, was exciting and I think says a lot.

Katniss is sometimes frustrating because she's so reluctant to be the hero. As an actress, do you find it hard to exhibit that restraint?

Yeah, I mean, some. I find it frustrating 'cause I want her to be the hero. I want her to be the, you know, 'Of course you're gonna do this, of course you want to lead the rebellion. Tell them that you'll be the Mockingjay, no doubts.' But I'm playing a real girl that is stuck. The only thing that she wants, and what makes her a true hero, is she wants as little death as possible. She doesn't want a war to get revenge. She wants to fix the situation and I think the cruelty of the Capitol gets to a place where you can't not do something, you know? You have to act.

More at the link. [Slashfilm]

And here's some B-roll video, showing a bunch of behind-the-scenes video. [via SpoilerTV]

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Elizabeth Olson confirmed that she'd be playing the Scarlet Witch, and also pointed out the slight weirdness of having the same actor (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) play her brother who plays her husband in the upcoming Godzilla:

We get to play husband and wife, and we get to play twin brother and sister. It's also fun because even though in 'Godzilla' we play husband and wife, we don't have a lot of scenes together. I just love him. I love his family. I love his kids. I'm so excited we get to work with each other more and to actually work with each other. I think it's going to be fun.


[Coming Soon]

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Here's a giant banner as well as three new TV promos. [Sci Fi Now]

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Here are the official descriptions of the "Dauntless" and the film's plot that accompanied the five character posters for that fraction:

In a future world where people are divided into distinct factions based on their personalities, Tris Prior is warned she is Divergent and will never fit into any one group. When she discovers a conspiracy to destroy all Divergents, she must find out what makes being Divergent so dangerous before it's too late.

One the five factions in the near future world of DIVERGENT, Dauntless are known for their fearlessness and teamwork. They are intense, bold risk takers and believe that conquering your fears is essential to the Dauntless way of life. Members often wear all black and don significant tattoos. The Dauntless guard the fence that surrounds the city of Chicago. "Faction before blood."


Go here for a complete set of posters. Below are the ones that we haven't posted yet.

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The Walking Dead

Showrunner Scott Gimple explained what he envisions the Governor's mindset to be and what we'll see from him in the next episode:

EW: So what can we expect to see in the next episode?
GIMPLE: We will be really getting into who this guy is, to further define this guy. He did something very pronounced at the end of the season that defines him a certain way that affected him a great deal. That's changed him a great deal. So we will see who this man is now. There will absolutely be a flashback element to filling in some of those blanks. More so, I would say, than we did with rejoining the prison.

The Governor truly went off the deep end last time we saw him. What can you tell us in terms of where his head is?

GIMPLE: We know what he did. He killed those people. We know that Rick welcomed basically the remaining people in. That town did very much make up that man's identity. And his purpose. And everything he was fighting for. And asking the question, what's left after that?— we're gonna see. We're gonna answer that question. We're gonna show that.


More at the link. [Entertainment Weekly]

David Morrissey, who plays the Governor, gave a little bit more detail on what we'll learn about the Governor in upcoming episodes:

What you see at the end of this last episode is that he's fit, he looks well, he looks healthy — so he's ready for confrontation in whatever form that takes. So our questions are piqued at the end of episode 5 and that's where we'll go in episode 6. We'll see a bit more of where he's been in the ensuing months. I think it's fair to say that at the end of season 3 we left him in a very difficult space. He had turned on his own people and he didn't do that with any pleasure. He's not somebody who was doing that in any premeditated way. It comes out of him in a quite spontaneous anger. It's like a red mist has descended on him and I think what we'll see in the coming episodes is someone who is coming to terms with that new person that we saw at the end of season 3 — whether he's embracing that person or fighting that person. That is what we will see. He's changed. He's definitely changed. That is fair to say. And what we will see is where that change has taken him.


More at the link. [Entertainment Weekly]

And here is a promo and a sneak peek at episode 4.06, "Live Bait." [SpoilerTV]

Below are two promo photos for "Live Bait." [SpoilerTV]

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Doctor Who

Den of Geek just published an interview done way back in April, while Jenna Louise Coleman and Matt Smith. In it, Matt Smith talked about what the dynamic between two Doctors look like:

I think there'll always be a bit of that. They've got to size each other up. You'll all have to wait and see how they get on but I think, I don't know really, maybe it depends on the actors. [Everyone laughs]. I mean, I heard a couple of them didn't get on… but me and David get on really well so on-screen…

I think there's always got to be a sense of 'mine's bigger than yours', do you know what I mean? Whose TARDIS is faster? Whose is the better blue, whose costume? And Steven [Moffat] is so good at plucking all of those details out of each Doctor and of your own personality as well, cue the chin jokes.

. . . [T]hey react completely differently to the same situation. They react differently to women, they react differently to certain aliens, but for the show and everything, you put your egos to one side and you celebrate the show. That's what the fans want, and that's what it's about and so there were no problems at all.


Coleman and Smith revealed a little bit about where the special would take place and who'd they see in various places:

MS: It's the 50th anniversary obviously, and the TARDIS is being flown in by something and attached to the bottom of it is the Doctor and inside it is… (gestures to Coleman)

JC: Clara

MS: Miss Oswald

JC: And we're meeting Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and a bit of the UNIT army. So that's quite a bit of detail actually, that's what we've been doing.

MS: And then we're walking into the National Gallery.

JC: We're on a mission.

And is the 50th anniversary story going to be set in London, or does it take place somewhere else, too?

MS: Well, as always with Doctor Who, there are many, varied locations, but some of it is in London. It's great to actually get Nelson and the National Gallery.

JC: We were at the Tower of London yesterday, I think the pictures came out didn't they? So we've got all these landmarks.

MS: And to actually have it makes a real difference I think, as opposed to just 'Cut to exterior', that, and it's nice to film in London.


More at the link. [Den of Geek]

We already saw the BBC trailers, but the BBC America trailer is slightly different, including a snippet showing the Tenth Doctor asking why they're all together.

Sleepy Hollow

Katia Winter says to be prepared to see a lot of Katrina in upcoming episodes, including a hint as something we might see her do in flashback:

You're going to learn more about her involvement in the war that's going on right now between good and evil. Episodes seven and eight are going to be quite big. Who do you think introduced Ichabod to George Washington?


[E! Online]

According to Tom Mison, we'll be seeing a lot more of "Ichabod the Spy" in upcoming episodes. After being asked if we will see Ichabod use his spying skills in service of a case, Mison answered:

Oh, yes. Absolutely. Well, I think there are elements of that that run throughout. He can't really reveal to anyone his true identity so he's always playing that side of the spy in terms of cracking and finding clues.

We will see a lot more of him as the spy in the 18th Century, that's for sure. There are lots more flashbacks coming up when we get more and more involved in his life there, and also he's very different to modern American law enforcement because you'll notice he never uses a gun, for example. There's one moment when the Hessians attack with automatic rifles. But apart from that he's just relying on his wit.


He also refers to his old timey garbs as "a big stinking security blanket that he carries around with him," which is awesome. More at the link. [Buddy TV]


Laurel's in a bad way, and it looks like her sister's not going to help her. Caity Lotz says:

I don't think Sara wants to step in at all, because to her, in her mind, she would only make everything worse. She kind of feels like she's almost unworthy of love, so she doesn't think her coming into anyone's life would be any kind of benefit.


[E! Online]

The Originals

The CW's ordered a full season of episodes for the Vampire Diaries spinoff.

Speaking of The Originals, Michael Trevino says that tonight's episode is all about Tyler's need for revenge and that we'll find out what Tyler's been doing (without any flashbacks to his time in the Appalachias):

Revenge against Klaus, which is a reoccurring theme. With this second act of revenge against Klaus, it's going on his territory.

We will find out that he's been, like you could imagine, roaming around with different wolf packs all around the mountains, and that's how he's been gathering his information,. With that, he comes fully loaded with information not only to give to Hayley, but to back-stab Klaus – not in a physical way, but in a threatening way.


He also says that Tyler's upset with Hayley, who played a part in the death of his mother and is pregnant with his enemy's child, and that Tyler's going to let her know that she's on his bad side.

Joseph Morgan (Klaus) also opined on the new Tyler:

I feel like he's a little different. They've really turned him into this guy with nothing to lose. And the tone of our show, anyway, is more adult. … So [Tyler] really comes into this absolutely reckless and fearless [as] someone who's lost everything.

I don't think Tyler's necessarily the villain, but he is as layered a character as Klaus or Marcel. They've given us reasons to root for him.


According to Phoebe Tonkin, later episodes will reveal more about the wolf who saved Hayley's life:

We learn a bit more in the coming episodes exactly who that wolf is, why that wolf is following Hayley and why there are werewolves when it's not a full moon.


More at the link. [TV Line]


Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins previewed the upcoming reunion of Dean and Castiel for TV Guide. According to Collins, Castiel is angry with Dean for throwing him out, and he'll be working the cash register at a "Gas-N-Slip," a job Collins says he's doing because:

He's basically trying to figure out whether he can fit in as a human, whether this is really fulfilling in and of itself just being human. I think he feels that he feels he failed so desperately as an angel that this is a new beginning for him and he can really start over and look for fulfillment as a human.

Because now he's human that brings with it a whole new set ... of things that he has no experiences with. So, his naïve bumbling quality is only exacerbated by his humanness.


On the flip side, according to Ackles, Dean is feeling guilty about what he did and isn't happy with the situation:

Obviously he'd much rather have Cas around. The family that Dean knows is very, very small and getting smaller.


More at the link. [TV Guide]

Here is a promo and a sneak peek for tonight's "Heaven Can't Wait":

And go here for a complete set of photos from next week's episode, "Bad Boys." [Hypable]

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Nicole Gale Anderson gave a bunch of details on episode four:

In episode four there's a ghost that makes an appearance and Miranda believes it's her mom. [Miranda] goes off into a glowing doorway pulling her into the light and after that we don't know what's going to happen.


[E! Online]

Beauty and the Beast

Elisabeth Rohm (insert Law & Order joke of your choice here) will be guest-starring in four episodes later this season as FBI Agent Dana Maron. Maron will be assigned to investigate undercover missions and wants to "clean up" the FBI. Maron will seek Cat out because she thinks that Cat has a connection to the cases she's investigating. The team-up "may ultimately lead to Cat learning more about her own past than she ever imagined." This leads me to guess that Rohm's character is going to be investigating the missions Cat's FBI agent father has been sending Vincent on. [Entertainment Weekly]



Cinemax has been developing Robert Kirkman's upcoming comic for a while, but they've officially announced that they will be making the series. Here's an excerpt of the press release.

FOX International Channels (FIC) today announced that Cinemax has acquired the U.S. rights for The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman's exorcism drama, Outcast.

Outcast was shopped as a spec after it was developed internally at FIC and is Kirkman's first time penning a pilot. It was pursued by a number of leading cable networks before landing at Cinemax. The TV adaptation is based on Kirkman/Skybound's recently announced comic book by the same name. Kirkman will serve as Executive Producer alongside David Alpert of Circle of Confusion.

Outcast follows Kyle Barnes, a young man who has been plagued by possession since he was a child. Now an adult, he embarks on a journey to find answers but what he uncovers could mean the end of life on Earth as we know it.


Read the rest of the press release at the link. [Coming Soon]

Tomorrow People

The CW's ordered a full season for the new series.

Lost Girl

Here's a description of episode 4.04, "Turn to Stone."

When the Clubhouse is robbed, Kenzi's forced to make a confession that could threaten her friendship with Bo. Meanwhile, an angry and frustrated Bo does the unthinkable - she confronts a dangerous foe and makes a shocking discovery.



Once Upon a Time

Here's the promo for the next episode, "Think Lovely Thoughts." [via K Site TV]

American Horror Story: Coven

Here's the synopsis for the December 11th episode, "Head":

Cordelia's attacker is revealed. Fiona looks to form an alliance with Marie Laveau. Nan learns a disturbing truth about Luke's past.





I think my opinion of this season of TWD is probably more critical than most (certainly Bricken's) but I'm genuinely excited to see the Governor coming back. The end of last season was a let down but hopefully they make up for it by giving us a truly evil and truly dangerous Governor in this season. I want to feel dread when he comes on screen (not the same kind of dread as last season) and I want to get a sense that this guy is capable of planning and carrying out some really messed up shit. I want him to kill people that matter. I think Milton may be the only character he killed last year that I cared about at all. Merle doesn't count, he was always doomed. What I'm seeing so far looks really good, I believe this guy can put a serious hurt on a lot of people.