Will Hawkman Fly Into Theaters? And Who Will Love Green Lantern?

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Is DC Comics' high-flying superhero Hawkman headed for the big screen next? And who will be Green Lantern's main squeeze? Ahead of next month's big DC Entertainment announcements, rumors about their movies have started appearing all over the place.


Collider has picked up on a rumor that Hawkman will be the next DC superhero to get the movie treatment. Given the continued lack of success of a Hawkman comic - Like Aquaman, he's one of those characters who keeps getting relaunched without ever really gaining a lot of traction in terms of sales - we're unconvinced, but it's not impossible considering former Hawkman writer Geoff Johns being part of DC Comics' movie braintrust. Maybe we should wait and see how popular his upcoming Smallville guest appearance is.

Meanwhile, Latino Review is reporting that Green Lantern's girlfriend Carol Ferris is close to being cast, and that the choice for the role is between Bond Girl Eva Green, Keri Russell, Gossip Girl's Blake Lively, former Elektra Jennifer Garner and Inglourious Basterds' Diane Kruger. With the movie slated to begin production next month, expect an announcement any day now. We just hope that whoever gets picked knows that she'll probably end up in Star Sapphire's revealing costume in a future sequel...



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