You'll Drink Corporate America's Coffee, But Only Out of a Glowing Pirate Mug

Illustration for article titled Youll Drink Corporate Americas Coffee, But Only Out of a Glowing Pirate Mug

The boardroom is tense. Your boss is negotiating with their boss over the Big Merger. Accountants discuss endless piles of financial statements. Somewhere a middle manager is getting grilled over an $800 dinner spotted in the audit. There are tears in his eyes and sweat on his brow. And there you are, feet up on the desk with an LED pirate mug in hand. You and your stock options have nothing to worry about because you're quitting/getting fired anyway. Good thing that mug only cost you $4. [The Big Pirate via Nerd Approved]


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Cute mug, but I cant do plastic, it has to be ceramic since plastic would melt on the dorky mug-heater that I keep on my desk. (Its also good for a hand warmer in the bitter cold weather.)