25 Frightening Fast Food Futures

For this week's Photoshop Contest, you conceptualized the technologically appalling fast food industry of the future. And better yet? Frog Design took your ideas somewhat seriously, offering a class of criticism far beyond our pay rate. The winners:


First Place — Shaun Leitmeyer

The McDonald's ™ artificial heart makes material the converging trajectories of our litigious civil justice system, McDonald's always under-recognized sense of social responsibility, America's irreversible descent into socialized medicine, and the increasingly blurred lines of industry and government. A truer and more tangible expression of our inevitable dystopian future, we have not seen.

Second Place — Foofy Bunny


No entry embodies the spirit of frog's user-centric philosophy more perfectly than the in-restaurant table/toilet. We spend weeks (sometimes months) seeking ways to streamline, simplify, and bring joy to the activities of our users; somehow, in a single tasteful image, this contestant has managed all of the above in mere days. Bravo, sir (or madame). Bravo.

Third Place — Willo


‘Taco Hell': this representation seems like an appropriately absurd snapshot of future-contemporary culture. It just screams for a title that reads something like, ‘future dyspepsia'. However, since I happened to be in Las Vegas this week, the scene depicted here actually doesn't strike me as particularly futuristic...

Honorable Mention — E Spike


This entrant has clearly kept their finger on the pulse of industry, perhaps even privy to some insider info? Facing increasing public scrutiny for its government work, Halliburton/KBR will of course diversify the product portfolio in search of new revenue sources and positive PR. A shared love of hydrocarbons and military titles virtually ensures an eventual partnership between purveyors of the deep fried and seekers of the deep crude.

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