$3,200 EeePC with 32GB Solid State Drive Now on eBay

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Ah, the Asus Eee PC, the little computer that can be modded to do anything, from stealing all your money in an ATM to grabbing all your money on the internet. This one will snatch $3,200 from your account if you want to buy it on eBay, with all the mods except for the 3G card: a 32GB Patriot XT solid state drive (in addition to the included 8GB), a touchscreen and a bunch of other things, an Air Play card to transmit all your sound to any FM radio. Complete specs after the jump.


• 8gb solid state drive

• 32gb Patriot XT drive

• 2gb RAM

• Intel Wi-Fi A/B/G/N upgraded card

• 7" LCD with touchscreen

• Air Play installed so you can transmit all of your sound to an FM radio

• Custom copper heatsink installed because it's overclocked

• Bluetooth adapter

• 2 USB hubs so all the USB devices can hook up to the Eee PC

• web cam

• speakers

• microphone

• 3 USB ports

• one external VGA port so you can hook up an external monitor

• Windows XP Professional SP3 with all the drivers installed and tested

• Screen resolution is set a 1024x768 with the hacked Video Driver


All good, even if the motherboard now looks like the Millennium Falcon's guts. [eBay—Thanks Moe]

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Here's a link to the EeePC forum where he posts some other details.


Amusingly enough, everyone there thinks it's a rather ridiculous asking price as well, including the guy who made it...

Also the 32GB Patriot XT drive isn't an SSD, it's a USB flash drive. Granted, it's quite fast, but there's a distinction there. As others stated, good mods, bad listing.