A Magical Machine Lets You Inject Bananas With Sweet Sweet Fillings

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You know that disappointing feeling when you bite into a banana and there's nothing on the inside? Normally they can't compete with the likes of a creme-filled Twinkie, or a caramel-packed tube of Rolos, but the DestapaBanana levels the playing field. It lets you inject bananas—still in their peel—with all kinds of fillings so you can (pretend to) eat healthy and enjoy your snack.

Using the DestapaBanana is as simple as cramming an unpeeled banana into that tube-like contraption, extracting its core with an included tool, and then using a bottle of filling to inject about a hundred times more deliciousness inside. You can then apparently cork the hole you created and take the banana to school or work for a quick mid-afternoon sugar hit. There's still no word on the DestapaBanana will hit store shelves, but hopefully it arrives well before the world's banana supplies are rumored to run out. [DestapaBanana via Notcot]