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Archaeologists Believe They've Found Captain Morgan's Shipwreck

Yes, THAT Captain Morgan. He was real, and he was a real, ruthless pirate. Archaeologists now believe that they've discovered his 340-year-old ship sunk off the coast of Panama. The liquor company even went along for the ride.


Hailing from Texas State University, the scientists say the ship was one of five that ran aground near the Lajas Reef in 1671. And you could smell the treasure. Near the wreck was a series of cargo boxes and chests, all unopened and ready for plundering research. If there's anything that looks like this, there's plenty of cause for excitement. Because first, it's definitely a pirate-y kind of summer. Second, pirates are awesome.


For Captain Morgan USA's part, they hope the chests hold a whole lot of booze. I hope not. I'm not a rum kind of guy. [The Daily, Discovery News, Image Credit: Claude Beaubien/Shutterstock]

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"...Second, pirates are awesome...."

Not so much judging from some of the comments on GIZ about Somalian pirates. Always find it hypocritical that we romanticize them in stories, but vilify them in real life.