Bandai Want To Turn Your iPhone Into A Delorean

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Well, not so much in a way that would allow it to travel in time or fly whatever, but it does turn your otherwise relatively sleek phone into a giant slab of Delorean-shaped plastic. So there's that!


The latest in Bandai's line of 'Crazy Cases' for the iPhone 6 - no other phone is so well suited for being turned into a plethora of movie vehicles, apparently - encapsulates your phone on a model of Back to the Future II's iconic time travelling car in flight mode. It even has slide out parts of the bonnet so you can still access the camera and other functions on the side of the phone. Check out the amazingly well-produced trailer below:

Majestic. The Delorean case even lights up when you get a phone call in a rather egregious manner, as if it wasn't unwieldy and attention-grabbing enough! It's not the first time the company have made a case like this, but even then, there's still something absurd about slapping a model Delorean to the side of your face whenever you answer a call.


If you want one of your own, they'll set you back just under 6,000 yen - or around fifty dollars. What the what! For that much, it should be able to travel back to just before decided to purchase it and tell you to put your damn wallet away, creating a phone-case-induced temporal paradox. Now that would be worth it.

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Fifty bucks for a light-up, interactive phone case that essentially doubles as a collector's toy is a bargain for an iPhone case. Some of the more basic phone cases that do absolutely nothing other than add color to the outside easily start at $25 and up (I'm looking at you, speck).