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Beautifully Detailed T-Rex Bust Was Created Using the Dinosaur Molds from Jurassic Park

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

On top of the groundbreaking visual effects that helped bring the stars of Jurassic Park back from extinction, the film’s creators also strived to make some of the dinosaurs, including the Tyrannosaurus Rex, as accurate as possible. Which means that Chronicle Collectibles’ new Jurassic Park T-rex bust is the easiest way to hang a prehistoric trophy over your fireplace.


Using an original casting from Stan Winston Studios, the special effects shop that was responsible for the look of all the Jurassic Park dinosaurs, and building the film’s animatronic characters, Chronicle Collectibles has ensured that this 19-inch long female T-rex bust is the closest thing you’ll get to hanging a real taxidermied T-rex on your wall.

Further adding to this mounted T-rex’s realism is a custom paint job by artist Steve Riojas, who worked to match the skin textures and colors of the life-size animatronic T-rex Stan Winston Studios built for filming the vehicle attack scene in Jurassic Park. It helps you understand why this collectible will set you back $650 when it’s available for pre-order starting tomorrow.


And while this replica might not be as exciting as a time-traveling safari where you travel back to the Cretaceous period to hunt a real-life T-rex, it’s a much safer proposition, if you remember how all those Jurassic Park movies actually played out.

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